What a Miracle!


Aiden Marion


On June 23, 2018 a soccer team from Thailand hiked into the Tham Luang cave during heavy rains after soccer practice. As it rained the cave began to flood and trapped the team and their coach inside of the cave. According to “ABC News” the Coach had a rope with him and went to see if there was a way out and had three of the boys pull him out if there wasn’t. After they found out there wasn’t a way out they traveled farther in the cave to dry land.

According to “ABC News” after hearing splashing in the water and hearing someone speak English, they sent the only boy that spoke English, Adul, to find out who it was in hope that it really was someone and not their imagination. After locating the boys there was still no way out of the cave except for going under the water. They then devised a plan over a course of eight days to bring the boys out one by one with a diver. It took three days to safely extract all the boys and their coach. After leaving the cave they were rushed to the hospital and put under quarantine for several days. In an interview with ABC News Titan, a team member, said “I was very happy to see my dad and my mom. I feel warmer,” Titan said. “I was very happy. I cried.”

The coach then concluded their interview with  ABC News by stating “I would like to express my gratitude for people from the whole world, officials, and volunteers that came to help us,” he said. “We promise that we will be good citizens to society. We will study, and we will love people around the world the same way the whole world loves the 13 of us. Thank you.”