The Sea of Mystery

Patricia Eanes, Reporter

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The Sea of Mystery

          In the minds of many we see a wooden boat as a sign of fishing, or maybe even a themed ride of fun. For Japan, a wooden boat drifting ashore means tragedy has struck. Over the past two months Japan has received 12 wooden boats carrying a number of decomposed bodies. Each body has its own extremities, two of which are headless. The mass majority of the bodies all contain an exposed portion of the skeleton. One boat in particular even carried six skulls alone.

As Japan contains a boat they immediately extract Special Forces to gather all of their attention to the boats discovery and what may lie within the next mysterious boat. During the investigation investigators have gathered small details they eventually lead to the assumption that the boats are coming from North Korea. A series of numbers and letters on the side of one of the captive boats spells out “Korean People’s Army,” which is the name of the North Korean military force. Among the boats were clothing and scraps of fabric which match the designs of the North Korean flag. The mystery is still undergoing investigation today while Japan may be extracting more boats at this very moment. With no clear understanding and no exact meaning of what is actually going on the world can truly say, we have a mystery on our hands.

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