HIV and AID impacts and updates

Patricia Eanes, Reporter

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HIV and AID impacts and updates

         In honor of AIDS day, which is December 1, the White House hangs a huge red ribbon to support the awareness. Not only does the government show its support but they also are pushing to make the treatment for HIV and AIDs more affordable. “The biggest problem in caring for those with AIDS is no longer mainly a medical or scientific problem — the crisis is access to affordable drugs,” says Bernie Sanders, United States Senator.

HIV and Aids are traumatic experiences for a person to undergo. Killing 39 million people in its lifetime, HIV is still a common disease and people are still suffering from the effects of the virus. HIV may be a contagious disease but the disease does not show symptoms until about 10 years after retaining the diseases. When discovering that one contains HIV or AIDs, he or she is to undergo immediate treatment known as ART of antiretroviral treatment to fight off further expansion of the disease. Treatments are taken to help the immune system and support the person’s health. On an end note, the treatments that an HIV or AID person is taking gives the patient a 96% chance of not spreading the disease to his or her partner. awarness

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