War Tragedies hit home

Patricia Eanes

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I do believe that the nation is extremely in debt to war veterans of all kinds. We owe our veterans more than we can give but one thing we can give is our words of wisdom, our respect, honor, and our love; but we do not give any of these things enough to compensate for their brave actions. To this day veteran suicides have raised tremendously to 22 veteran suicides a day.

Many people think about the “what ifs”. What if they would have just talked to someone? What if I would have told them thank you and I love you more often? The truth is no one can fully understand what these veterans have gone through. We try to understand and we try to help but all we are, are reminders to their time in war. Citizens, family members, and loved ones all think about what could have happened if they had done something about it. Ordinary people could do nothing about it, but veterans who have suffered the same things and seen the same inhumane actions have a similar compassion to share among their war brothers. Some believe that in institute, established around the idea of helping emotionally tolled war veterans, and should be established by war veterans of any battle that has witnessed the same tragedies as other war vets.

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