The Storm

Tornado Strikes

Patricia Eanes

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On February 15, 2016, a tornado tore up the grounds of Century, FL. Devastating at least 10 families by destroying their homes, this tornado was a surprise to everyone. The day started out with a clear sky and a sunny day but pulled a plot twist around 10 a.m. with dark skies, harsh rain, golf ball-sized hail, and lighting bolts that stained each person’s mind. All local friends, families, and even strangers are praying for Century, especially for those who have a long road to recovery in their future.

There have been many instances of tornados around Florida and Alabama but never once did anyone think that a tornado would actually occur in our area. Many people are scrounging all that they can to give to those who lost their homes. Even during the storms that the tornado popped up in, people ran through the streets with tarps and more to help their neighbors whose roofs caved in or whose wall had a whole in it. February 15th was not an “everyone fend for themselves moment”. All hands were in, all hands are still in, and all hands will always be in. Pray for Century, Help a neighbor.

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Tornado Strikes