Our Christmas Memories

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Our Christmas Memories

The Storm Writers

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“One of my favorite Christmas memories happened when I was about eight years old. I had seen a bike that I fell in love with. It was pink with little red ladybugs on it. My mom and I love them, so I knew i had to have it. I begged Santa to get it for me and I could not wait to find it under the tree. When Christmas morning finally came, I sprinted down the stairs and ran to the tree. Under it sat the bike i had begged for. Except it wasn’t. Instead of being pink with ladybugs, this one was red with orange flames down the sides… Not what I was expecting. I was sad that the bike did not look like the one I wished for, but I rode it anyway. I ended up loving it and rode it till I couldn’t anymore. Christmas isn’t about getting everything you ask for, exactly how you want it, it is about being thankful for anything. ” – Grace Morgan

“One particular Christmas my mother drew her brother. So for his gift she put some coal in a ziplock bag and placed the bag into a binocular box. As he unwrapped the box he was excited to see that he got some binoculars, until my mother told him to open the box revealing the bag of coal. With the amusement of getting him a box of coal my mom did get him an actual present.” – Magan Engle

“A fond Christmas memory I had was when I was younger and I really wanted a futuristic toy gun from a store. Some kids went over to the bin and each got one, and I grabbed the last one in stock. There was another kid in that friend group that wanted one, but did not arrive in time, so I gave him the one I was going to get. Later on, I found out that my parents had bought me the same toy and I was happy on Christmas Day when I unwrapped it.” – Michael Dunn

My favorite memory from Christmas is Christmas Eve night when we get a special visit from Santa. One of our family friends dresses up as Santa and walks around the backyard, jingling bells, pretending to make sure we are taking care of our outdoor toys. It always used to make my siblings and I excited and ready to go to sleep. I hope that one day I can carry this tradition over into my future family.” – Mattie White

As one of my Christmas gifts, my parents got me a red hoverboard. After  a fun morning of openings gifts, I thought I’d teach a few of my family members how to ride it. My personal favorite guinea pig was my dad. Fortunately for me, the hoverboard’s sensors are sensitive which cause my dad to flip off of it and onto the pavement. Needless to say, he never rode again. This led to a sore heinie and unforgettable Christmas memory.” – Raylin Wesley

One of my favorite parts of Christmas from when I was younger is every year before Christmas I would receive a letter from Santa in the mail telling me that I had made it to the top of the nice list. My favorite memory of Christmas is when my sister and I tried to sneak and peek in our presents. It is was a few days before Christmas and we already had a few presents under the tree. It was one afternoon and my mom was busy talking on the phone to my aunt. So my sister and I thought it would be a fabulous idea to get a sneak peak on what we were getting. Since they were mostly gift bags it would be easy to see, so we gently pulled out the tissue paper. Right as we were digging into the bag, our mom walked in the room. Needless to say mom wasn’t very happy and told us that now we probably wouldn’t be getting any presents for Christmas.” – Anna Knowles

My happy moments would be during Christmas time more specifically Christmas Eve. When I was younger on Christmas Eve we would make cookies and milk for “Santa” we would eat all of them but two. We would read a Christmas story then go to bed. The next morning all the milk and cookies would be gone. We then open our presents while we listen to Christmas music.” – Michael Ledford

One thing I remember very vividly about Christmas when I was younger was always going outside looking for sleigh bells that fell off Santa’s sleigh. After we opened all our presents and ate breakfast we would go outside and find these bells all out in the yard. Although we got so many presents it was just another thing we looked forward to every Christmas. It allowed us to not get caught up in the presents and to stay in the Christmas spirit. Even though I have outgrown this tradition I am very thankful for my parents and what this tradition means to me.” – Emily Creamer

I woke up in bed, realizing it was Christmas morning. I ran to the living room and made a dive for the Christmas tree, grabbing the first present under the tree. The lights instant came on, blinding me. I turned around to spot my parents and sister, who was still half asleep, standing there looking at me with a present in their hand. They asked us to open that one first.

So we tore open the present, but there was not anything inside but a note that said look outside. Confused, we walked outside to see our cousin, Nicole, with her new born baby in her arms. We spent the whole day with our family, opening presents and having a good time. From that day on we truly knew the true meaning of Christmas, spending time with family.” – Mary Beasley

My favorite memory about Christmas is when it snowed in Alabama. It was about 5 to 6 years ago and we had an idea to get a boogie board and tie it to a four wheeler and just drive around the yard. Then we made a snowman, and it was pretty fun. We made a lot of food that was super good and it always lasts a long time. In the end, we had a good time and we made happy memories.” – Dawson Garland

When I was very young, I believed in Santa Claus because that’s what most parents tell their young ones. So my mom always told me that Santa would come by and bring gifts on Christmas day. So I was very excited because I always wanted to know what he looked like. We had a few weeks left before Christmas so we decided to spend Christmas day in Georgia with my aunt and her kids. My cousin also believed in Santa too, so we were both happy and ready for Christmas day. Around midnight it was Christmas Day. Me and my cousin were sleep and we both heard a noise down stairs so we decided tip toe down stairs to see what the sound was. We saw two people who were wearing Santa Claus outfits and were putting gifts under the tree. We was shocked because we both thought Santa was fat, these people were skinny so we thought maybe they lost some weight. My cousin sneezed and then Santa turned around and me and my cousin was shocked because it wasn’t Santa it was my cousin’s mom and dad. That’s the day we knew Santa Claus wasn’t real. It still didn’t bring our Christmas spirit down because inside those gifts was something that we  always wanted.” – Matiaya Odom

Every year on Christmas Eve my family goes to my MeeMaw’s house and we gather with our cousins and we exchange gifts and eat supper and have fun. One distinct memory that always brings out a good laugh was last year during this get together. Every year my little brothers and cousins get little remote controlled cars and this past year they all had them out in the yard and were running around with them and crashing them into one another. John Miller was out there as well and I was watching him do tricks with his car and it had flipped over so he started running to go get it and out of nowhere a speedy car comes flying at him and goes under his feet and takes him off his feet and he falls on his butt in front of everyone. This will forever be a humorous story to tell and a great Christmas memory.” – Jackson Steele

Last Christmas Eve we watched Hee Haw, then my mom made us hot chocolate and cookies. Then my dad read us The Night Before Christmas. After he was done we went to bed. The next morning we woke up and opened our presents, and I got a cute necklace from my half-sister. It said always sister, forever friends. My dad got a drone and he harassed the poor horse with it.” – Allanis Plank

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. My family snuggles up on the couch with hot chocolate in our hands to listen to my dad read the story. He often changes the words, adding a little twist to the plot, to make us laugh. I remember that when I was little, I used to always correct him whenever he started adding on. We have done this for so long, and I know I will miss it when I get older.” – Brooke Welch

Every year I look forward to Christmas for one reason, our family Christmas party. It has been an important tradition since my mom was a teenager. We always have lots of food, play some games, and open our gifts to each other. My favorite parts are just the memories and the family bonding time. My family is so important to me and over the years we have lost some important members and we are also always busy throughout the year with individual stuff, so our family time is very precious.” – Megan Hall

My family and I love Disney. Throughout my life, I have been several times at different times of the year. But the best time to go is during Christmas. We took a trip to Disney World last year during Christmas. Getting to be together with my whole family is such a good feeling, and being together in Disney just makes it one hundred times better. The atmosphere is so happy and magical, and the memories we have made there as a family will always be cherished.” – Avery Vickery

Christmas of 2008, my little brother and I got matching red motorized Razor scooters. We rode them until we had blisters on our knuckles from holding the switch that made the scooters go. We took them to campgrounds, our grandparents’ house, and even our friends’ houses. I get very excited about my Christmas gifts every year, but that year I was beyond ecstatic. Christian and I still have the scooters, but we used them so much that the chargers for the batteries stopped working. Other than that, one of my favorite parts of Christmas is when we start decorating. We have six trees that we put up in our house, along with many decorations in each room, and it’s amazing to step back and look at what all you’ve done to ring in the festive season.” – Chelsea Black

Every year on Christmas morning I wake up at about 5:00 am. I go and wake up my siblings by shaking them and saying “Santa came! Santa came! Get up!!!!” We all go to the living room where our presents are and go through our stocking. We try to figure out everything we got without opening them. Finally when we can”t take it anymore we go and wake up our parents to open the presents. I love Christmas because it is a great day to be with your family and and just love each other.” – Savannah Blackburn

Christmas is always the best time of the year for me because we get to be out of school and we are able to be around our family and friends. My favorite memory from Christmas is when my family went to Colorado for Christmas and my mom was walking really fast to get to the car because she was so cold and while she was walking she slipped and fell in front of everybody in the town.” – Trinidy White

My favorite thing about Christmas now is when we get out of school and i get to sleep a lot more than when we we are in school. When i was younger, i use to always want it to snow like actual snow not just ice like what we normally get. I use to wish every single year and it never happened. One year like forever ago, not to long after Christmas we got snow. I have never been as happy as i am when it snows.” – Alyssa Messmer

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Fellowshiping with family, food, and cold weather are just a few of my favorite things. One of my favorite memories about Christmas was many years ago. I was three or four when i got my first battery operated vehicle. It was my pride and joy for several years. It was a particularly cold year and all i wanted to do was drive. It was the one toy that never got old.” – Blaine Johnson

My family does not have a typical christmas tradition. It is always chaotic and all out of order. But one year that stands out to me is when I was 8 years old. That year on Christmas eve my uncle come over dressed as Santa and said he was there to double check is naughty & nice list. This was so exciting to me and i could not wait for school to start back so I could tell all my friends I met Santa.” – Andrea Emmons

My most memorable Christmas morning was definitely when I was 7 years old. I started off the morning waking up and opening my presents like I always did. I got a Ben Roethlisberger jersey and he was my favorite player at the time. After I finished opening my presents inside my dad told me to go outside to help him with something. When I got outside there was a basketball goal in the driveway! I played basketball in my football jersey all day. Needless to say it was the best Christmas ever!” – Sam Smith




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