Students Supporting Students


Michael Dunn

The FHS student section at the Flomaton vs. T.R. Miller game on October 25th, 2019.

Rebecca Smith


A student section is a group of student fans that support their school’s athletic teams at their games. They are known for being the most visible and vocal sensations in the crowd. At Flomaton High School, students come together every night of football games to form a student section in the bleachers of the football field. They sit up top near the school band and spend the game supporting the football team. Our student section dances along to the songs the band plays, participates in cheers with the cheerleaders, make up our own chants, create signs, shakers, and cowbells.  Not only do they do things of those sorts, they also have a theme for each night. Some of the themes from this football season has been neon, hillbilly, spirit day, rock n’ roll, white out, and black out. Students that participate in the student section dress all out for the themes and spend all week planning for it.

Flomaton High School’s student section shows the support that the school has for their football team. Flomaton has always been a school full of pride, dedication, and support. Our students are very proud of how far our football team has come this year and are hoping, along with the entire community, that they can make it all the way to the state championship like they did last year. The next football game is this Friday, November 15. Flomaton will be playing St. James and competing in the 2nd round of playoffs. The theme for the student section this Friday night will be “Put the Trojans to Sleep.” Students in the student section will wear warm pajamas. This will help keep them warm since it is supposed to be cold. Come out to the football field this Friday night at 7pm and support the Hurricanes. If you are in the student section, don’t forget to wear your pj’s!