Flomaton Middle School Basketball

Jackson Steele

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Flomaton boys middle school basketball team is split into a 7th grade team and an 8th grade team. The head coach is Leroy Steele, the assistant coaches are Benny Alaniz and Trevor White. The team was split in two because every player of the 21 players that tried out made the team, there are 10 8th graders and 11 7th graders. The middle school’s season lasts from the middle of October to about the middle of November. The Canes middle school will play a total of 12 games, they have played 5 so far. The 8th grade team is currently 4-1 while the 7th grade team is 5-0.

Neither team is large so they use their speed and quickness to their advantage, in doing so they use a full court press and they do it all the time. This press causes havoc on opponents causing many turnovers which lead to points for our Canes. Thus far this strategy has worked out pretty well. The Canes plan on continuing this throughout their high school career.

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