The Storm

A Decade of Winning

Avery Vickery

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Two weeks ago, the Hurricanes defeated the Jay Royals 27-0. This game marked the 10th year of beating Jay in football. The Royals have been the rivals of the Canes for most of the history of Flomaton. This so called “streak” has been an ongoing tradition in the town of Flomaton for many years.

I spoke with the head football coach, Doug Vickery, about the game. He has been coaching at Flomaton for 13 years now. When I asked him how it felt to have beaten Jay for ten years in a row now, he said, “Fulfilling, rewarding, and satisfying. It is somewhat a relief also, because it gets harder each year with the pressure that adds on.” He was overall very pleased with how his boys played, especially bragging on defense and special teams. Coach Vickery also talked about how he prepared his team for Jay. He said that preparations started in winter with workouts, and then spring training, and during summer with workouts and conditioning. Mostly, he just tried to prepare his team for the season overall.

Aside from the Jay game, I asked Coach V some more questions about the rest of the season. He predicts this season to be good, and with the number of seniors he has, expects them to be in the playoffs. Finally, I asked Coach Vickery what his goals were for the season. His response was, “Win the region, win the state championship, and mostly to just enjoy the journey with all my boys.”

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A Decade of Winning