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Senior Injury

Olivia Tatum, Sports News Reporter

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Alayna Gordon is a senior softball player here at Flomaton High School. She has been playing Flomaton softball her whole high school career. The softball team had a scheduled game today, but unfortunately the game was cancelled due to the rain.

Almost every team has practice the day before their game. This includes Flomaton Softball Team. As practice was going as scheduled yesterday, Senior Alayna Gordon was injured. She was apparently was involved in an outfield injury resulting in fifteen stiches and reports on crutches today.

“I was trying to catch a pop fly when I ran into Lizzie Anderson. Neither one of us called the ball, so we ran into each other. Her cleat caught the side of my leg and managed to cut through the fat of my leg. I have fifteen stitches and I believe my muscle is slightly torn, because I am unable to raise my foot to walk. I can apply pressure to my leg though.” – Alayna Gordon

Everyone here at The Storm wishes Alayna a fast recovery and we wish the softball team the best of luck with the remainder of their season.


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Olivia Tatum, Sports News Reporter

Olivia Tatum is currently a senior here at FHS and is a reporter.

To contact Olivia, send an e-mail to [email protected]

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Senior Injury