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  • First Day of School Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lady Canes vs. Lady Tigers

Peyton Parker, Sports Editor

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Thursday, August 29, the Lady Canes’ volleyball team hosted its first game against the T.R. Miller Tigers.

This year, Flomaton’s varsity has a very small team. Volleyball requires at least six players on a team, and the Canes have eight. On top of that, one player was ineligible to play since she had yet to get her physical.

Though Flomaton’s team is on the small side, they started off the first match in high spirits. The gym was roaring with excited shouts from both teams, but in the end, Miller overcame 25-21.

Feeling a little down about losing their first set, the Lady Canes lost the second match 15-25. In the third match, the Canes came back fiercely in aims of winning and taking the game to a fourth set. It was a constant battle, one team would set up a hard spike but the other team would dig it right back up. In the end, Miller finished the game off 25-21. The first game may have went down as an “L” in the book, but it showed the Lady Canes have come far from their performance in the summer and I am sure they will continue to improve and then win in the games to come.


***The middle school team lost 6-25 in the first match and 6-25 in the second match.

***The JV team lost 11-25 in the first match and 16-25 in the second match.

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Lady Canes vs. Lady Tigers