Social Issue: The Effects of Pollution

Mary Beasley, Trinidy White, and Alyssa Messmer


Where does pollution come from? Where does it go? Most of the pollution comes from our electricity, machines, transport, etc. Most of that ends up in our rivers and stream that takes them out to seas where they end up on our beaches. Some being washed up by the tide or even thrown down by us, either way it’s affecting our community. Nearly 4,000 beaches closed or advised about the swimming hazards were issued by the state government in the state in 1995. This shows that America’s beaches are becoming more polluted. Beach pollution is known for the biggest global concerns.
What is beach pollution? Beach pollution is the unsanitary conditions of the beaches and seas. Wildlife is getting greatly endangered by pollution causing death or extinction. Some animals would eat the trash, mistaking it for food, while others got stuck in plastic and died. Animals are just as affected as much as humans. Litter and human waste contribute to marine and beach pollution, which dangers the environment causing harm to animals and humans.
Beach pollution not only affects the animals, but the humans who is exposed to the water and waste as well. Beach pollution is wastes that combine over time to create or form a type of bacteria which spreads illness, usually caused by tainted waters from industrial factories. Beach pollution abuses wildlife and cover the coral reef with pollution. Human waste pipelines that are not properly taken care of and leak through the waters contribute as well. Due to not properly maintained pipelines, human feces and other waste are overflowing within the lines and forcing it to squeeze into the water streams.
Beach pollution does not mean directly dumping wastes into the sea itself. Twenty miles off shores and coastlines are industrial factories that are too far discharged wastes. These long and far traveled distances of wastes from factories and humans are combined together through the same sewage pipes and travel toward sea. Although there are many factories and humans living off shore, this can result in major malfunction of pipe thus causing water to pollute and contaminate living organisms within miles of its radius.
One of the main causes of beach and marine pollution, are people who abuse the privilege and litter; disregarding the law. “Seven billion tons of debris is entering the world beaches annually”. People today go and pick up trash and wastes on our roads, beaches, parks, etc. But is that really helping us at all? Is the trash getting any less? No, it helps but the average person throws 4.4 pounds of trash and waste out each day.
Many argue that beach pollution is the only way to maintain a sanitary living conditions for the American society. Is it though? The statement is only partially true. Due to heavy amounts of human wastes, uncontrollable runoff, and industrial remittance of toxins is far too unbearable to find a central location to store and rid the waste. This results in dumping it in the most abundant and consistently moving area: the ocean. Oceans utilize their heavy currents to break down and transport wastes around the seafloor where the small critters clean it up.
Unfortunately, these small sea critters are having a tough time keeping up with the heavy demands of pollution being emitted to sea. Thus this compiles and sits there till pathogens reach the surface where there is more sun thus becomes more abundant and energetic to infect a human host.
Beaches that has been polluted should not be ignored and taken as a serious matter because there are many people who swim in the ocean and also animals that have a home, and due to the pollution many animals have been suffering from it. Many people also live by the beach which causes the human environment to be polluted with kids and adults who want to enjoy a day at the beach, but also leave their trash behind.
Another cause of beach pollution is the raw sewage spills that runs straight into the ocean. They should be more considerate do swim in the ocean, and would like to swim in a ocean with sanitary conditions. Effects of marine and beach pollution can be crucial and deadly. To prevent these catastrophes from occurring, the NRDC and EPA advise all to be responsible on where to put their trash, encourage the government to allow spending on beach pollution sanitary conditions, and join beach clean-up crews.Overcoming beach pollution is a tough obstacle but the power of all humans and help from the government, beach coastlines should be able to tolerate without becoming ill.

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