Insufficient Hallway Space


Sheridan Rowell

A photo of the hallway of Flomaton High School before students flood out of their classrooms.

Sheridan Rowell


Plenty of students flock to Flomaton High School due to the high praise of its education. Many students come from surrounding failing schools or schools like Pollard McCall, which cuts off after a specific grade. A large population of students have also decided to come to Flomaton after our football team won the State Championship in 2018. According to a school official, there were a little over one hundred out-of-district students at the end of the 2018-2019 school year, and it has only increased. While this shows the excellence of the school system, it also puts a damper on the experiences of the students.


Walking class to class is a chore. There are so many students that fill the hallways that you can hardly get to where you need to be. It is like a violent game of Frogger. If you come out of a class and your locker is on the other side of the hallway, you either have to push people out of your way, cut people off, or travel down the hallway on your side until there is an opening on the other side. I have often walked halfway across the school just to get to the other side in order to reach my next class or my locker. In addition, there are many times where students are stuck at a standstill in the middle of the hallway. This affects both the students and the teachers, who are either waiting for students to arrive or are stuck in the hallways themselves. It is also a fire hazard. If you can’t get down the hallway to get to class, what are you supposed to do if there is a fire? To reiterate, the hallways are also violent. Anyone who has ever been to a rock concert knows what a mosh pit looks like. A group of people thrashing against one another. Imagine that, but worse. That is what the hallways often feel like. However, if you fall in a mosh pit, people will stop to help you up. If you fall in the hallways, people will walk over you or walk around you.


“The hallways are very crowded and I am constantly running into people. It’s aggravating when people are at their lockers and you’re trying to walk down the hallway. You constantly hit them or their backpacks. Every time you turn around, you’re face to face with another human being,” says FHS Senior Kita Roberts.


One solution to this problem, of course, is to begin to limit the amount of out-of-district students that are coming in. However, I fully believe in giving everyone a fair chance at a decent education. My suggestion is a new school building entirely. This would cost money and take time, of course, but there are many other issues with the structure of the school aside from the insufficient hallway space. The lockers are constantly damaged, the classrooms are beginning to run out of space (another population issue), etc.


The insufficient hallway space at Flomaton High School is not only inconvenient, but is also dangerous. I and many other students believe that this issue can be alleviated by building a new school building.