Senior Spotlights: Alex Glidewell & Meagan Chaudron


Michael Dunn

Pictured are FHS Seniors Meagan Chaudron and Alex Glidewell at Flomaton High School.

Michael Dunn, Publisher


For this senior spotlight, I decided to highlight two seniors, Alex Glidewell and Meagan Chaudron, and ask them a few questions so that others may learn more about them.


Alex Glidewell


Alex’s favorite subject in school is math. The best thing he likes about Flomaton High School is his friends and the encouragement he receives from his teachers. 


He is a member of the FHS Marching Band and participates in a few clubs.  His favorite hobbies include reading, listening to music, writing poetry, and playing video games (mostly Minecraft). 


He has three dogs: a German Shepherd/Labrador mix named Grumply, and two mutts named Ruger and Coco. His favorite animals are foxes.


His favorite music artist is Pink Floyd and he wants to pursue a career in Psychiatry. His role model is his Uncle Matt because “despite not completing high school, he still pushed many years later to get a degree and now he is successful.”


One piece of advice he would give to younger students would be to “do your best to avoid burnout. It’s hard, but if you can get past it, you can get past anything.”


Meagan Chaudron


Meagan’s favorite subject is also math. She likes the teachers here at Flomaton the most. 


She’s a majorette in the band and participates in a variety of clubs. Some of her hobbies are reading, drawing, and sleeping. 


She has two pet guppies named Skyler and Alex the III while her favorite animals are dolphins.


Her favorite band is Queen and she hasn’t decided what career she wants to pursue at the moment. Her role model is “Coach Hammond, because he works hard to make this school great, and he cares about every single one of the students.”


Some advice she would give to younger students is “don’t procrastinate and keep up your grades because they are important.”