Homecoming Attendants


Michael Dunn

Flomaton High School’s hallway where various flyers are advertising candidates for Homecoming.

Michael Dunn, Publisher


This week, flyers are hung prominently everywhere in the school. They range in all sizes from copy paper size to poster boards. They’re on lockers, doors, in classrooms, and there’s even one in the boy’s restroom. 


Why are they everywhere? 


Well, it’s homecoming season and the school will vote on class attendants on Thursday, September 12th. 


Ninth through eleventh grade will choose a female student to represent their grade for Homecoming. Seniors will elect three homecoming attendants. The top 3 choices for the senior class will be put on a new ballot and a new election will be held to determine the new roles. The first place winner will become the Homecoming Queen, second highest will be the first runner-up, and third place will be the second runner-up. 


Votes will be counted by the sponsors and the Senior Class President. If the class president is a girl, a boy will class officer or someone else will be selected to help count the votes. The queen will chose her escort.


Any ties in the races will be broken by a secret ballot. Potential candidates must have at least a ‘C’ average the previous semester and must not have any suspensions or time in alternative school within one calendar year from the date of Homecoming. There are no restrictions based on school attendance and all girls are eligible (as long as they qualify for the above conditions) and will appear on the ballots. 


Tensions are high and candidates are spreading the word about their candidacy by giving out sweets, baked goods, etc. to persuade students to vote for them. There’s a lot of competition involved in this event and this year is no different. With everything considered, Thursday should be an interesting day for everyone involved. 


Homecoming Attendants:

9th Grade:

Elizabeth Young

10th Grade:

Meredith Harrison

11th Grade:

Alihyana Etheridge

12th Grade:

Savannah Blackburn

Skylar Crawford

Kaitlin “KK” Stuckey


[This article has been updated to show the winners.]