Senior Spotlight: Anna Knowles

Emily Creamer

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Being a Senior is a big deal in today’s world. As a Senior you are put on a higher level to do the right thing and be a good influence on the younger kids. When you are a Senior you have a lot more pressure on you to pick the right college, make the right grades, and to be a inspiring person being a Senior is hard, but as a Senior you have many opportunities to show your achievements and what you can do

Today I interviewed Anna Knowles a Senior at Flomaton High School and I asked her a lot of questions about being in High School and what it’s like to be a Senior. Anna has gone to Flomaton since Kindergarten she is involved in many clubs such as: Beta Club, FBLA, Leo Club, and Yearbook. She enjoys high school and getting to be with her friends daily. Being a Senior to her she says is not so different than being in other grades except you get to be involved in a lot more. After high school she plans to go to Coastal Alabama Community College for two years for her basics then she plans to attend South Alabama to study Medical Technology. One thing she wants to say to the underclassmen “Enjoy it while you have it because it goes by very fast’. Being a Senior is a challenge daily, but it only shows your accomplishment and what’s to come so enjoy it.

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