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Dress Code: A Go or No?

Megan Hall

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Dress codes have been a controversial topic for many years. Lots of people love them, but others despise them more than anything. After asking fellow students different questions, we are able to hear concerns and opinions from both sides of the argument.

The majority of people wish to do away with dress codes because they feel they are pointless. The uniforms we are required to wear are deemed uncomfortable, boring, and restricting. We are not allowed to express ourselves and lots of people feel self conscious in the way these uniforms fit. Uniforms also can be very expensive and we are spending money on clothes that we will only wear five days a week and that we are uninterested in. When it comes to the small details of a dress code, such as length and certain cuts of the clothes, some people feel this is unreasonable and even think the dress codes can be sexist.

On the other hand, life with uniforms still has a few benefits. With uniforms, our school and fellow classmates seem more put together and professional looking. If we were able to wear whatever we wanted, that could be very distracting and prevent us from focusing on our education. We would have to buy so many different outfits and the price definitely adds up. With students being able to buy their own clothes without strict guidelines many people would wear inappropriate articles which would cause for even more trouble. Uniforms also can helps us when it comes to safety. It allows us establishes who is a student and who isn’t, so we know that if someone were to come on campus out of uniform, he or she could be an intruder.

There are many pros and cons, but if it isn’t broke, don’t worry about fixing it.

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Dress Code: A Go or No?