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Varsity Basketball Boys

Cathlyn Eanes, Reporter

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Varsity Basketball Boys

                For some time now our Flomaton High School Basketball boys have been wanting to win a game just like every other team loves to win. Unfortunately, our boys haven’t won a game in almost two years. The boys had the heart and the want to win but the drive just wasn’t there. The fans all believed eventually that the varsity team would get the groove back and start winning again but until then, we had to pray and work.

Last night, December 1st, 2015, the boys finally pulled it together bringing the score to 58- Hurricanes and 56- Eagles. It was a tough game all around but the Flomaton Hurricane boys had the drive in them tonight. Trey Dixon starting off the game with 2 points and Jamel Grace giving them the win with only 15 seconds left and running down the clock to give him just enough time to score the winning basket causing it to be an exciting game. All the boys jumped and hollered and hugged Jamel like a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders to celebrate this winning game. It was a great night for these young men and we hope to continue the season the same way. It’s a great day to be a Flomaton Hurricane!

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Varsity Basketball Boys