The Storm

Paris Suffers

Patricia Eanes

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On November 13, 2015, Paris encountered a horrifying scene. As a football game and a concert, performed by an American band, was taking place, no one knew that a terrorist attack was in the midst. During these events at a random time, but all at once, gunfire took place of the sounds of the fans and the band.

Investigation was taken over immediately and soon discovering the overall total of 129 people being dead and at least 352 people wounded. Also, authorities have taken into custody several Bulgarian suspects. The investigation is still taking place. This terrible tragedy spreads around the world as news to each nation, but who did this? Isis has claimed the responsibility for each action, even the smaller attacks such as one attack outside a Paris café. While Paris plans a way to go about the investigation, the cleanup, the suspects, and the fight, people from all over the world are showing their support by placing an image of one’s self with the French flag stripes shadowed over the image. “Tonight we are all Persians,” says the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at a lighting ceremony on the Eiffel Tower when the tower lit up in the colors of the French flag.

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Paris Suffers