Work Study Program

Brooke Carden, School News Editor


Years ago there use to be a program called work study.  Work-Study is a federally-funded program in the United States that assists students with the costs of post-secondary education.


Students use to could leave after the second lunch. If they had lunch at 12 o’clock they could leave right after.  That was several years ago.  But it wasn’t going to work, what it was, if they passed all their graduation exams they just let them leave. As far as going to work, if the students didn’t have a place to go, some started getting into trouble. Many were just running the road. The state ended up dropping this program.


The state hasn’t had this program in about five or six years.  What they have now is called “Work Base Experience”. So basically if the students have pasted all parts of the graduation exams and they are in good standing with the school, the students may leave and go to their job around 12 or 1 o’clock depending on what time their lunch is.


This program could help with the dropout rate because it would make the students actually want to come to school so they can leave and go to work.  If they do get in trouble they know that the state will take this privilege away from them.


David Lanier has been talking with the other districts throughout the state of Alabama.  He has been working very closely with Andalusia City.  In either October or November, he will present this program to the Board of Education.  If they approve, the program will start second semester.  They couldn’t start it right now because we are half way through with the nine weeks. It wouldn’t be possible to start it during the first semester because of schedule changes. The schedule change would be better and easier the second semester.