Frozen II Movie Review


Walt Disney Animation Studios

Frozen 2 was released into American theaters on November 22, 2019.

Brayden Smallwood


Frozen II is the sequel to Disney’s Frozen. In the sequel, Elsa finds out more about her powers by hearing a strange noise calling out to her. During this adventure, Elsa and Anna find out more about their parents’ past. The story and plot dive into Anna and Elsa’s parents and how they met.


In this movie, the audience follows Anna and Elsa on their journey through a hidden forest. Their father tells young Anna and Elsa about when he was a boy and was mysteriously saved by a strange, unknown force. Anna and Elsa are tasked with finding out why two ethnic groups were fighting and the reason behind the fighting.


I have gone to see the movie twice. In my opinion, it was better than the first one because this one actually had a decent plot. This one also dives more into the past of loved ones, which we never really see in movies these days, unless there’s a prequel. In this movie, we find out more about Anna and Elsa’s parents, including how they met and why they met.


I am also a fan of how Elsa now completely loves who she is. We see in the first she thinks she’s a monster and that all she does is hurt people. In this one, she’s still a bit wary about her powers, but by the end, she’s loving who she is with her powers. This shows kids not to be afraid and embrace who they are deep inside. It leaves a good moral for children and adults alike because not everyone is a fan of showing their true selves in fear of being judged.


Even though most Disney movies have a true, honest meaning to them, I feel like Frozen II takes the cake. This movie can be used as a good example to why people shouldn’t care about what others think and why they should stick to being their true selves.