The Storm

The Bridge of Spies

Olivia Tatum

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Not a history buff? It is okay I am not either, but the Bridge of Spies caught my attention real fast. The movie takes place when the Soviet Union and the United States are caught in a cold war. The story takes places around an insurance lawyer, James B. Donovan, portrayed by Tom Hanks. Donovan was forced to represent and defend a soviet spy who is being prosecuted by the Unites States.

The pot suddenly takes a twist when an American spy, Frances Gary Powers, played by Austin Stowell is captured by the Soviet Union, and an American student, Fredric Pryer, was captured by Eastern Germany. James Donovan is faced with the negotiation of Rudolph Abel for Frances Powers and Fredric Pryer.

This movie was based off of real events. In 1960, of the cold war, James B. Donovan handled the exchange of a soviet spy for an American spy. Donovan then went on to negotiate the change of prisoners in Cuba after the Bay of Pigs invasion.

I do not consider myself to be very interest about history, but this movie makes me question why I am not. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interest in a historical-drama thriller.

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The Bridge of Spies