Netflix: Friday Night Lights (The Show)

Olivia Tatum

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Being a senior cheerleader here at Flomaton High Schools means I am about to be a “has been”. Over Christmas break it finally hit me that I was about to begin my final semester of high school and that means no more Flomaton cheerleading. Reminiscing on this past football season I turned to Netflix to fill my void, and I found the greatest television series to date.

Friday Night Lights is a television series based on a coach’s family, Coach Taylor, and the many teams that he coaches. Coach Taylor was relocated to Dillon, Texas to coach the Dillion Panthers. Here he faces many challenges and his team always has a target on their backs. His star running back, Smash Williams, is confronted with racial slurs. When Smash reacts to the racial comments the consequences mean losing college football scholarships.

Coach Taylor’s wife, Tami Taylor, is given the job of counselor of Dillon High School where she will also face discrimination for her counseling abilities. Their daughter, Julie, has her own drama of relocating schools and making friends. Not only do you follow Coach Taylor’s family for five seasons, but you follow all his players and the problems that they face.

So, if you like gut wrenching climaxes and drama that will make your head spin, you would love Friday Night Lights. If you like football you would love Coach Taylor’s Dillon Panthers. Just make sure you do not binge watch this television series like I did. I am officially in a show hole of depression, but it was still a great three days and forty-two episodes.



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