Why Many People’s New Year’s Resolutions Result in Failure


Prawny / Pixabay

Each new year offers an exciting opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings.

Taylor Green


So many New Year’s resolutions are created, but few people actually go through with them. If you seem to find yourself struggling, you may not be setting the right goal fit for you. One of the biggest reasons people don’t reach their resolutions is because they’re not specific enough with what they want to achieve.


For example, deciding  to “be more active” or “lose weight” are easy ways to set yourself up for failure. One will be unlikely to maintain motivation throughout the whole year. Instead of making your goal vague, start with marking a date on your calendar or losing 10 pounds by a certain date. Something I have figured out is that it is much easier for you to fail if your goal is unclear.


After doing some research, I found that the majority that set New Year’s Resolutions for joining gyms have a steep decline towards the end of the year because the majority fall through with their goals.


Another problem people run into is looking at their resolution in a negative way.. Having a negative outlook on the outcome will make it much more difficult to achieve the goal. Try relating your goal to more uplifting, hopeful things.


Lastly, people have the tendency to allow their friends or social media to mold their resolution based off of others or based on the popular, common goals. The media tries to distract society from their beliefs and causes people to become unsure of who they are and what exactly is it they want. In order to do what is best for you, you have to stop comparing yourself to others around you. This also can include your family and friends. Sometimes, even the people who care the most about you, are unaware of what will make you the happiest in life.