Teacher Spotlight: Jacqi Hammond

Paige Findley

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Jacqi Hammond was born in Kansas City, Missouri on October 13, 1970. Jacqi is the youngest child out of four children. Jacqi has two sisters, Sherry and Sarah, and one brother named David. She attended elementary, middle and high school in Spring Hill, Kansas. In 1991 she moved from Kansas to Alabama to attend Faulkner University on a Softball Scholarship. There she met her Husband, Scott Hammond, and they married in 1997. Together they had one child, Jace Hammond. Jace was born in 2010 in Pensacola, Florida.  Jace is currently four years old and will celebrate his fifth birthday on October 14 of this year. Jacqi and her husband, Scott, are both currently employed at Flomaton High School. Jacqi teaches English and Business Tech Applications. Jacqi’s husband, Scott, teaches Advanced Math classes for twelfth grade students and is also the Principal of Flomaton High School. Two things she enjoys about living in the South are being near the Beach and the slower pace of everyday life. Two things she doesn’t enjoy about living in the South are the lack of Seasons and that her family still lives in Kansas. I asked Flomaton High School senior, Sydney Diurno, to describe Mrs. Hammond in two words. Sydney said “If I had to describe Mrs. Hammond in two words, I would describe her as strong and loving women.”


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