The Evolution of Claire


Penguin Random House

The Evolution of Claire is a prequel novel written by Tess Sharpe. It centers around Jurassic World’s own Claire Dearing and her life before the events that take place in Jurassic World.

Brayden Smallwood


If you or someone you know has ever seen the Jurassic Park movies, then you or someone you know has more than likely seen Jurassic World. Remember the red haired, bad to the bone girl, Claire Dearing? Or you may even know her as Bryce Dallas Howard, Ron Howard’s daughter. Tess Sharpe, an American author, was inspired to write about Claire’s backstory before the events of Jurassic World.


In Sharpe’s book The Evolution of Claire, the reader learns about Claire’ s life before, during, and after college. Sharpe explores Claire’s inner and outer thoughts, her obsessive neatness, and even her love life. Within the book, the audience is able to venture into Claire’s life, and they are able to witness how she copes with anxiety, new beginnings, and even her crush, an intern named Justin, whose interning at the same place she is‒Jurassic World! She meets Justin on the plane heading towards Costa Rica and they immediately start bonding.


Once the interns arrive at the soon-to-be dinosaur amusement park, Claire starts to notice suspicious happenings. First, after she’s finished cleaning up and sorting some test tubes, Claire hears a noise and goes to investigate. While she’s investigating, she hears another crash and runs to inspect the room from which she had just come from. Upon arriving, she notices that the test tubes she was previously sorting and cleaning up, are now scattered all over the floor.


Other occurrences start happening, making Claire more and more suspicious of everyone she’s met upon arriving at the park, even the entrepreneur who created the park, Simon Masrani! By the end of the book, she’s developed major feelings for Justin and has made some friends for life‒or so she thinks! If you want to know what’s going on, read the book! It ain’t hard! I mean, yeah, books are expensive (why, book prices, why?), but it’s so worth it for this book! If you don’t like to actually read, then find an audiobook!


The book was exceptionally well written. I loved it and was drawn to tears when the book ended. This will be a book I read over and over, time and time again. I may even read it to my children (when I have them) when they get old enough to understand. Tess Sharpe is one of my favorite authors, even though I’ve only read one of her books.


If I ever meet Tess, Lord knows I’ll be brought to tears and I’ll keep thanking her for being inspired to write this book. I hope other authors will take note and write more books like this for Owen Grady, or even Zach and Gray Mitchell. Maybe even Vic Hoskins or Simon Masrani. 

Tess Sharpe has inspired me to write my own book for another Jurassic World or Jurassic Park character. Sadly, that won’t happen soon. I found out she had to buy the rights to the Jurassic Park series, and I don’t have that kind of money.