Voltron: Legendary Defender



Voltron: Legendary Defender centers around five robotic lions and their Paladins, who band together to save the galaxy and all who live within it.

Brayden Smallwood


Voltron: Legendary Defender is a cartoon sci-fi show on Netflix. The show centers around four cadets at a military school named Galaxy Garrison, and the captain of a spaceship that was ambushed during an expedition.


In the show, the characters are Lance, Pidge, Hunk, Keith, Shiro, Princess Allura, and Coran. The characters are all on a castle that is also a ship. During the series, the show is mainly focused on Pidge finding out where her brother and dad are, since they were lost with Shiro during the ambush the expedition Galaxy Garrison sent them on.


There are five lions and their Paladins or pilots. There is the yellow lion, red lion, blue lion, green lion, and black lion. When joined together, these five lions form Voltron. The Paladins include Hunk (the yellow Paladin), Keith (the red Paladin),  Lance (the blue Paladin), Pidge (the green Paladin), and Shiro (the black Paladin).


Some of the struggles Voltron faces is forming Voltron, the Galra Empire, and the Drule Empire. Forming Voltron was only a struggle in the first season but was quickly achieved. The only way the Paladins achieved this goal was by fully trusting their teammates.


Princess Allura and her assistant, Coran, help the Paladins work together and achieve the actions needed to save the galaxy from the Galra and Drule Empires. By doing so, they have saved many lives of those who live within the galaxy, including on Earth.


Shiro is the leader of Voltron since he’s the Black Paladin and has the black lion. Controlling the arms on Voltron are Keith, who controls the right arm, and Pidge, who controls the left arm. Controlling the legs are Lance, who controls the right leg, and Hunk, who controls the left leg.


This show is very emotional with several twists and turns which made me want to scream, cry, laugh, and gasp. However, the creators have done a very good job in bringing a modern light to the original version that aired in 2004.