A Dark Place


Bedlam Productions

In A Dark Place, the movie deals with an Autistic man who dives into the mystery of a little boy’s death.

Brayden Smallwood


A Dark Place is a thriller/mystery movie released in 2019.  It centers around Donnie Devlin, the local garbage man with Asperger’s autism in a small, fictional Pennsylvanian town. Every morning on his route, he passes by a little boy named Tyler Ziegler’s house. From his window, Tyler waves to Donnie every morning. 


One morning, Donnie is on his daily route when he looks up towards Tyler’s window, but doesn’t see Tyler. He doesn’t really question it until later, when he’s at his daughter’s house. He sees her Facebook and sees that Tyler’s brother has posted something, asking people on social media if anyone’s seen Tyler around. Donnie starts thinking about Tyler. A lot. He listens to the radio and that night, Donnie hears over the radio that Tyler has been found dead.


This is big news to Donnie, especially since nothing ever happens where he lives. He takes this information and goes around the town, asking anyone and everyone what they know about Tyler’s family and what they knew about Tyler. The local cop stops Donnie and tells him to stay out of it, especially since everyone knows Donnie and how weird he can be.


Donnie doesn’t stop. He keeps looking, going as far as digging Tyler’s body up and taking it to an old friend of his, who’s a pathologist. Donnie’s friend freaks out, telling Donnie to put the body back and stay out of it.


Donnie keeps going until he finds out who killed Tyler and discovers who else is involved. He digs through the truth and finally gets down to the dirty details of a case that was opened two decades ago. Do you wanna know what happened? I’m sure you do, but sorry! I try not to spoil. If you want to know, go watch it!


My experience with the movie was an emotional rollercoaster. It stars one of my favorite actors, Andrew Scott, so I was with Andrew’s character, Donnie, the whole time. I really didn’t want Donnie to be the bad guy. The movie’s ending made me mad, however. I wanted to scream.