The Singles Spotlight

Andrea Emmons

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The best single yet is about to enter the building. All the way from Italy…Federico “Fred” Pasetti. He is so cool; he doesn’t even have a middle name. He is 17 years of age about to be 18 for all the older ladies (he will be legal). Fred likes to go clubbing on his weekends, and doesn’t like Olive Garden (no fake pasta for him). His dream date is to go somewhere and just be able to talk and get to know the girl. For a girlfriend, Fred looks for a girl that has a sense of humor, is intelligent, of course you gotta be SLIM THICC (thick with two C’s), and you got to have a car so ya’ll can be able to skrt-skrt to the clubs on the weekends. When asked to describe himself Fred says he is absolutely perfect, and he ain’t lying ladies, he is one cute cannoli ;). He has game, and is a chef in case y’all want a taste of some authentic Italian. So don’t miss out on your opportunity to sweep him off his feet while he is still in America, hit up my boy Fred!

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