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America’s Got Talent

Cat Eanes

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America’s Got Talent is one of the world’s largest organizations that allow people from all over the world come onto one stage and prove to four judges that they have an amazing talent. This TV series has seen it all, from dancing to juggling to singing to hat spinning. There are many talents to be seen on this on stage.

America’s Got Talent was created by Simon Cowell, Jason Raff, and Ken Warwick. The cast that judge all of these talents are Nick Cannon, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and Howard Stern. So far, America’s Got Talent has had 10 seasons which means 10 winners.

There are a various amount of talents to be found such as the season one winner is a young girl named Bianca Ryan. She won at the age of 11 and her talent was singing. The season 7 winners were a couple of dogs known as the Olate Dogs. They are rescue dogs trained by a father-son duo. Another is the season 9 winner, Mat Franco who taught himself to be a magician. There are many more talents to come for people in this world to explore on America’s Got Talent.

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America’s Got Talent