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Patricia Eanes

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Columbia Heights is undergoing a major bomb. School board members have decided to make a statement about an event that has occurred on Facebook. Alex Jacques, a teacher at Columbia Heights, leads teachers in a riot after hearing that Grant Nichols, also a Teacher at Columbia Heights, posted an alarming anti-Muslim post on Facebook.

Alex and his army of teachers were pushing for Grant to resign from his job. Grant clearly states that he will not resign because of something he posts on Facebook. More than 50 people spoke against Grant at a meeting and only two people supported him. The crowd consisted of parents, students, faculties, and community members.

Nichols says that he was not the one that posted the anti-Muslim comment but that he will not name the person who used his phone to do so. He also states that he believes in pushing forward and that what happened was not unprofessional but that “someone else” just added fuel to the fire. Because this person decided to add fuel to the fire the matter at hand is now under investigation and intense security. The school board took a vote to decide if Nichols would resign on September 15. After the vote, teachers and administrators left the school for themselves due to the result of Nichols not being voted out of the school.


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