The Storm

14 Year Old Genius

Patricia Eanes

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A 14 year old genius pulled his resources and knowledge together to build a homemade clock. Astonished by his doings, he decided to take it to school to show it off to his teacher. Ahmed Mohamed states in a BBC reporter video, “I built a clock to impress my teacher, but when I showed it to her she thought it was a threat.” This young boy shows up to school with good intentions but what happens to him turns his day around.

When Ahmed showed his teacher the homemade clock, the teacher believed that it was a bomb. Not knowing the clock was harmless, she called for backup authorities to handle the situation. Later that day Ahmed was arrested for bring a so called “weapon” on school campus.

Later, the authorities discovered that it was in fact a homemade clock and not a bomb. With the release of this news all charges were dropped, but the damages done to Ahmed were too large for him to continue at his Texas school. He has stated in his video that he will be attending any school but his former school. The after math is justice for Ahmed Mohamed when all charges were dropped and he was able to walk free again, but the emotional toll this young boy has had to undergo will stay with him for a while.

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14 Year Old Genius