FHS Prom 2020


Susanne Jutzeler / Pixabay

The prom theme for this year is “Rustic Romance.” Last year’s theme was “Garden by the Sea.”

Michael Dunn, Publisher


On Saturday, March 7th, the Flomaton High School Prom will be held at 6PM in the FHS auditorium. Throughout the day, students will make various preparations before attending the ceremony that night. For the ladies, their preparations might include getting nails, hair, and makeup done. While the gentlemen will need to pick up the flowers and get dressed. After leadout, students have the option to attend the dance that will be held in the gymnasium.


Every year, the junior class hosts the prom for the senior class. The juniors raise money for the event and every student that pays their contribution is allowed to attend their junior and senior proms. However, contributions to the event are not just monetary as students help set up the stage in preparation for leadout.


This year, the prom theme is “Rustic Romance” which features wooden decorations. Last year’s theme was “Garden by the Sea.” Prom leadout will be presented by Ms. Angie Wright in the auditorium starting at 6PM.


On Friday, March 6th, the FHS Peer Helpers hosted Prom Promise during 4th period at school. During the event, various emergency services came to FHS to demonstrate a mock distracted/drunk driving accident with various FHS students participating in the demonstration. Two wrecked cars were placed near the football field house, with various students pretending to be injured, while emergency services engaged in a demonstrative emergency response to the situation. This demonstration also included a medical helicopter that landed on the football field. FHS junior Karli Alaniz spoke in front of the junior and senior classes about the dangers of being distracted/under the influence while driving. FHS alumni Jay Jackson said a few words to the two classes as well.


Everyone is invited to come show their support for the many students that will attend the event.