2020 Miss Hurricane “Womanless” Beauty Pageant Results


Michael Dunn

The Miss Hurricane “Womanless” Beauty Pageant is a very entertaining event to bring the community together for a good cause.

Michael Dunn, Publisher


On Thursday, February 13th, the Miss Hurricane “Womanless” Beauty Pageant took place in the FHS Auditorium at 7PM. The pageant was hosted by Miss FHS 2019 Karli Alaniz and FHS Senior Grace Morgan. Miss Hurricane Marissa Boynett (Micah Boyette) was also there to present the awards to the winners. The pageant started off with all seven contestants performing the physical fitness routine in a group of four followed by the remaining three contestants.


After the introduction of the judges, each contestant performed their talent. Various contestants did dance presentations and others did vocal presentations. Two contestants, Lil Heffy (Will Rollin) and Tequila Sheila (Ivan Glenn), did a PiYo Workout skit. Contestant Danielle Shreiner (Damian Shreiner) performed a weightlifting skit entitled “The Vickery” to “Gonna Fly Now” song from the movie Rocky.


FHS Senior Emily Creamer provided the entertainment portion of the pageant by performing two vocal presentations while the contestants were preparing for the “Poise and Appearance” section.


After a brief intermission for the judges to deliberate and the crowd to vote on their favorite contestant, the winners of this year’s pageant were announced. These are the results:


2020 Winners:


Crowd Favorite – Bigger Bertha (Riley McMorris)


Talent Portion: 


Talent Winner – Ditzy Denize (Alex Glidewell)


Pageant Winners:


2nd Runner Up – Tequila Sheila (Ivan Glenn)


1st Runner Up – Lil Heffy (Will Rollin)


Miss Hurricane 2020 Winner – Ditzy Denize (Alex Glidewell)


The amount raised from the pageant was close to or exceeding $1,000 for the one night event. The event was a success that will result in all proceeds from the pageant being donated to Paws Crossed Dog Rescue that is located in Brewton, AL.


This event is a great way for Flomaton High School students to give back to their community by hosting an entertainment night to bring the community together to support a good cause and I hope it continues for years to come.