The 2020 Michael Tedder Mathematics Tournament


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A variety of schools from the surrounding area travel to compete in the Michael Tedder Mathematics Tournament.

Michael Dunn, Publisher


On Thursday, January 30th, students from schools all across the county and the surrounding counties will travel to Coastal Alabama Community College in Brewton, AL to compete in the Michael Tedder Mathematics Tournament.


The tournament in the past has featured a 35 question exam that each student will complete and a “cipher” portion where certain students will be selected to participate in. The cipher portion features 16 questions and has students on stage answering questions in a short amount of time.

Last year, our school won first place and two of our students were featured in the top 10. FHS students Alex Glidewell won first place and Meagan Chaudron won second place in the competition.


The competition takes place over several hours, but students usually will return before school ends that day. Students are provided lunch by the college in between the exam and cipher portions.


According to Coastal Alabama’s website, the competition was created for the college over 30 years ago by retired mathematics and physics instructor Michael Tedder. Students that rank in the top 3 of the competition will be presented with academic scholarships to Coastal Alabama Community College.


The tournament started around 10AM on Thursday and continued on until 2PM. At the end of the tournament, Flomaton continued its winning streak and placed first in the tournament. Jay High School was the winner of the ciphering portion with a total of 18 points with Flomaton following in second place with a total of 12 points.


Top 4 Teams:

4th Place – W.S. Neal High School

3rd Place – T.R. Miller High School

2nd Place – Jay High School

1st Place – Flomaton High School


There were a total of four students from our school in the Top 10:

5th Place – Brooke Welch, Senior

4th Place – Emily Lee, Freshman

3rd Place – Meagan Chaudron, Senior

2nd Place – Alex Glidewell, Senior


[This article has been updated to include the results of the tournament.]



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