Future Starbucks Location Coming to Atmore


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Starbucks serves a variety of products such as coffee, tea, fresh juices, and bakery items such as pastries and breakfast sandwiches.

Michael Dunn, Publisher


What is the most likely drink that students can found with in the morning? Coffee. Wind Creek Hospitality must have noticed the increased popularity of coffee stores in the county as they have decided to build a new store in Atmore beside Wind Creek Casino.


According to Wind Creek Hospitality’s news release on Monday, January 6th, a Starbucks location is expected to be built in Atmore starting in March 2020 and expected to have a grand opening in the fall season of 2020.


The building will be located across from the Creek Convenience Store and will feature a drive thru as well as seated dining. According to the news release, the location is expected to create 20 or more permanent jobs as well as temporary construction jobs.


This new location will be beneficial for people who enjoy Starbucks products as the nearest Starbucks is located on Springhill Avenue in Mobile, AL, which is 47 miles south of the planned location.


This new store should provide more traffic to the town of Atmore and generate business for other local stores near the location as more travelers from I-65 will stop to shop at the Atmore exit. Wind Creek Hospitality predicts that an additional 350 to 750 customers daily that are traveling on I-65 will visit the store due to its close location to the exit.


As the Atmore exit gains more franchise locations, it’s not really far fetched to assume that more franchises will come and open beside the current stores. In recent years, the Atmore exit has gained a Sonic, Taco Bell, and a Popeyes location. With the increase in predicted traffic on the exit, more franchises might consider it to be viable to build their own stores in Atmore.


The Starbucks location should bring more business competition to Atmore which will benefit the local area.



Wind Creek Hospitality News Release