Carnival Glory cruise ship damage after hitting the Carnival Legend at the port in Cozumel.

Rebecca Smith


During the holidays, most people stay in their cozy homes with family. Others like to spend their newfound free time to travel. This holiday season, I took a trip on a cruise with some of my family. It was my first time taking a cruise, so naturally I was nervous. Some family that we visited before the cruise often joked about the possibility of rough seas and how we were going to “go down like the Titanic,” but we just laughed about it and brushed it off. I mean, out of all the cruises in the world, what is the possibility that something would happen on the one I was on, right? I would soon find out.

On December 15, 2019, my family and I boarded the ship, the Carnival Glory, at the port in New Orleans, Louisiana. That evening we started going down the river, heading out of the land and into the Gulf of Mexico. After we got out of the Louisiana marshes, we lost phone service and I thought I was going to die of boredom. We spent two days on the water sleeping a lot, eating a lot, and exploring all the ship had to offer. On Wednesday, December 18, we arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica. That day we toured a haunted plantation, shopped for souvenirs, ate Jamaican food, and lounged on a quiet beach. That night, we were to sail to the island of Grand Cayman. Upon waking up, we were all discouraged to find out that we would not get to visit the island due to high waves and the port at Grand Cayman only letting two ships port; unfortunately they did not let us. Instead, we were granted with another sea day and went ahead sailing to Cozumel, Mexico.

At around 8 a.m on Friday, December 20, we began to arrive near the island. I could see it out of my window, and I knew we would be at the port and getting off of the ship soon. While I was getting ready for a day of exploration, my family and I felt the ship vibrate and shake momentarily. We brushed it off as if it were just another wave or the ship parking, but we soon found out that the back of our ship had hit the front of another Carnival ship in the process of docking. Within a couple of hours, it was all over the news and social media across the nation. The media made it seem as if it were an awful crash, but in reality many of us barely felt it, no one was harmed, and they just closed off the part that was damaged and continued the trip home. Often, the media makes things seem worse than they actually are. You should always look for the truth and the real story of things you see online. Don’t believe everything you see. And if you ever go on vacation, take precaution. Anything can happen.