First Semester Exam Schedule


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A person filling in a bubble on an exam form.

Michael Dunn, Publisher


As the first semester comes to an end, semester exams will begin next week beginning on Wednesday, December 18th. Next week will be a busy week for the school as teachers use this week to prepare students for the upcoming exams.


This year brings new changes to how semester exams are created, however, as teachers from the various schools met with each other earlier in the year to design questions for exams in each subject.


Semester exams start on Wednesday with tests for 6th and 7th periods. The day will function normally until Enrichment class, but then 5th period will be shortened by 25 minutes from ending at 1:00 PM to 12:35 PM. Classes with exams on each day will have their class duration extended in order to allow students time to take the comprehensive exams.


On Thursday, there will be exams in 1st, Enrichment, and 5th periods. Friday will complete the week with exams in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods. All students that take exams on Friday will eat in the lunchroom at the same time from 11:10 AM to 11:30 AM. School will be dismissed after lunch at 11:30 AM.


After a class has an exam on a certain day, the student does not go back to that class for the remainder of the week. Students that are exempt from some or all of the exams do not take those particular exams, but will have to have their exemption forms signed by the teachers of the classes they are exempt from. Exemption forms will be distributed next week to students that qualify. The results of the exam count 20% towards the total semester average in that class.


Students will return to school after Christmas Break on Monday, January 6th, with report cards coming out on Wednesday, January 8th.