Are High School Pageants Outdated?


Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Miss New York, Nia Franklin, was the winner of Miss America 2019.

Jacob Coleman


High school pageants have been a popular and traditional form of entertainment for students, their families, and the community. However, the world of fashion and entertainment is progressing at an astounding rate, leaving no space for the traditional pageant in the twenty-first century. High school beauty pageants seem to have always followed the same principles since what feels like the beginning of time. The winners seem to fit the same standards and stereotypes–pretty girls from a financially stable family with the same personality features and all the same talents.


Tricia Bishop’s article “Beauty pageants should die out like the dinosaurs they are,” states that beauty pageants “treat women like toys” and are proud of it. These problems are easily solvable, but the culture of this country (and particularly the southern region) has a tendency to want to remain set in its ways. The first step towards progress would be to shy away from the stereotypical fashion trends and modernize. Take inspirations from other more up to date examples of creative fashion and entertainment. Brooke Welch, a fellow Flomaton High School student, agrees and says that “the dresses and gowns should be unique to each contestant and their personality. They try too hard to look perfect and to fit the beauty norms.” Another solution would be to diversify qualifications, winners, and to stray away from the stereotypical pageant.


I do not believe pageants should die out altogether, but I do believe they deserve an extreme makeover. Many high school pageants have tried to modernize by offering scholarships, such as our own Miss FHS pageant that gives a $200 scholarship to the winner. Larger pageants have also made great strides in diversity with three of the major pageants in 2019 being won by African-American women. The world of entertainment and fashion is evolving, and there is no reason that beauty pageants should not do the same.