The Pros of Having Security Cameras at FHS


Aiden Marion

One of the new cameras installed in BTA teacher Mrs. Hammond's room.

Bethaney Glenn


At the end of the 2019 school year, the Escambia County School System received a grant that funded each school in the county with brand new security cameras. Every classroom has a camera along with the lunch room, the gym, hallways, and parking lots. Each camera has high-tech visual quality which allows them to see clearly whatever object they zoom in on such as phones, computer screens, and people’s faces, so the monitors can accurately identify whatever it is they are looking at. The main-entrance doors have cameras on them and to be able to enter the school one must buzz the front office and the secretary must be able to recognize the person in order to unlock the door.

Many of the students here at FHS, as well as I, agree that the new security cameras ensure our safety. For example, senior Brooke Welch states “I feel very safe at school knowing that our school is constantly monitored. It makes me feel comfortable because I know that if something happens, authorities will be contacted and help will arrive very soon. We do not have to worry about intruders coming into the school without administration knowing so.”

The new camera’s have a very fine recording system which allows them to record everything and if an incident occurs, administration can roll the tapes and see what exactly happens, and determine if necessary what actions should be taken after that. Flomaton’s tech-man, AJ, gave some feedback about the new cameras, saying “An impressive quality about the camera’s is they can hold up to three months of recording storage. The cameras are also accessible to anyone who has access to them on mobile devices, meaning they do not have to be on campus to view what goes on inside the school.” Therefore, it is safe to say that Flomaton High School is one of the safest schools in Escambia County, and it will continue to improve its security as the years go on.