Stay Warm!



Jada Dixon, a junior at Flomaton High School, all warm and cozy in the cold weather.

Priscilla Salazar


The United States has seen a decline in temperature throughout the month of November. The lowest temperature seen in Flomaton, Alabama, this week has been 29 degrees fahrenheit. This week’s temperatures will continue to be extremely low for the Southern states. So far this week, the temperature has averaged in the 30s during the mornings, 50s during the midday, and 20-30s at night. For Thursday, the high is supposed to be 52 degrees fahrenheit and the low at 41. Friday will be warmer during the day, at around 59 degrees, but at night it will lower to 36.

Although it is cold for the town of Flomaton, schools in our county have uniform rules and must stay true to them. Flomaton High School encourages students to layer up under school-allowed jackets and hoodies to stay warm, or wear thick jackets. Also, students should wear pants instead of shorts so that they stay warm.  No out of uniform jackets will be allowed, including grey or black jackets. Outerwear must be green or white. To keep up with students jackets, it is advised that parents make sure the name of the student is written on tag of outerwear item. If items or lost, please bring them to the office so that the student may find them. Because of the cold temperatures, it is also advised for early morning drivers to wake up ahead of time to defrost windshields on vehicles so that drivers will be able to see the roads. If it is cold enough for a chance of ice on the roads, drive slowly, be careful, and watch out for black ice.

Over the recent years, it has snowed several different times in our small town of Flomaton, Alabama. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Alabama was -27 degrees, in January 1966. Although we have not seen snow yet, take precautions and stay warm!