Leo Club Pancake Supper

Priscilla Salazar and Addison Downey served pancakes and sausage.

Brayden Smallwood


Last Monday night, from 4 to 7 P.M., the Flomaton High School Leo Club hosted a Pancake Supper at the Flomaton Lion’s Club Center. Many politicians such as Judge White and his family attended the supper, along with Larry White, Ernie White, and Judge Coale. Many families attended the event as well, including Coach Hammond and her son, Kason. 


The event ended really well, as several politicians and families turned up. The Leo Club members that volunteered at the event included Brooke Welch, Michael Dunn, Chaselyn Phillips, Brayden Smallwood, Lindsey McDonald, Maddie Wright, Nealy Wiggins, Logan Blancheri, Eliza Pierce, Priscilla Salazar, and Taylor Green. 


Leo members helped serve coffee and drinks, and delivered plates to the awaiting families. The supper turned out very well, especially since so many people attended.


Thanks to all who contributed their time and to all who attended the Pancake Supper.