Celebrating 100 Years of Flomaton Schools


Michael Dunn

Flomaton High School’s football stadium, home side.

Michael Dunn, Publisher


The year is 1919. The small town of Flomaton had only been incorporated eleven years prior, but was settled on as far back as 1869 as a railroad junction, connecting three railroad lines constructed by the Mobile and Montgomery Railroad with the earliest known settler in the area being a railroad employee, Hiram Renfroe.


With the increased development of the town, the residents realized the need for a place of learning for the betterment of the community. 


Thus, Flomaton Schools was born to fulfill this need. Originally, the school was one entity, but eventually split into the schools we know today: Flomaton Elementary, Flomaton Middle and High School.


To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the original Flomaton school system, the senior class of 2020 is selling shirts to mark this momentous occasion. 


The money raised from the shirt sales goes towards funding the senior class’s trip to New York. 


The white shirts come in two types: dry-weave or polyester. 


Both shirt types feature a 7 color design on the back that incorporates the original crest of Flomaton Schools. 


The crest was scanned to be fitted on the shirts and is accompanied by lettering around the crest that states “Flomaton Schools” (above) and “Respect. Pride. Hustle.” (below). 


The front features lettering stating “Est. 1919” with the subtitle “100 Years of Hurricane Pride.”


The prices range from $25 for the smaller sizes to a little bit more at $27 for two of the larger sizes.


Shirts can be bought from either individual senior students or purchased in the Flomaton High School office. All checks should be made payable to Flomaton High School and should include a phone number and a driver’s license number written on them.


It’s been a great 100 year run for the Flomaton school system and the next 100 years are looking bright. 



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