Spring Break Destinations

Federico Pasetti


Spring Break is a monumental rite of passage for college students and young adults all over the world. Every year over 20,000 students travel to amazing tropical destinations where they experience the wildest parties, most beautiful beaches, and the best resorts.

According to Forbes, France and Florida are the top destinations for spring break 2019 based on the booking site’s year-to-year traveler demand growth. The study looked at statistics from 2017 to 2018 in the date range of March 8-24.

For spring break, travelers are still spending an average of 5-6 days in popular destinations such as Florida and Mexico, an overall trend we’re seeing with this age group is that they’re taking longer international trips of 10-12 days in destinations such as Spain and Netherlands, and up to 22 days in destinations such as Thailand.

In particular, Miami Beach is where a mix of cultures, residents and travelers mingle. A wide variety of people – including waifish models, amateur architecture critics, distinguished seniors and sun-seeking families – enjoy the renowned shores of “America’s Riviera.” North Miami Beach is where you’ll find the kid-friendliest beaches and the most affordable restaurants and hotels. Less than 10 miles away are the galleries, museums and theaters of Greater Miami.