Getting The Flu Shot!


Aiden Marion


Getting the Flu shot is very important but some believe it does not help towards preventing the flu. The flu is a serious disease that we face in today’s society that can cause people hospitalized or it can cause death. Giving the flu shot during an annual season has reduced the amount of people getting the flu and the amount of small children getting the flu. The vaccination starts working after a few weeks and it uses antibiotics to protect against the viruses. Getting the flu shot is best to get at the end of October before flu season.

Many people believe getting the flu shot does not help prevent the flu but instead gives you the flu. It is possible to get the flu after getting the shot for many reasons such as being exposed to the virus before getting the shot or getting the flu virus that is not included in the seasonal vaccine. The effectiveness of the vaccination also depends on the age group and how healthy you are. Getting the flu shot is not effective right away, it begins to begin working two weeks later and due to this that is why the vaccine is distributed before flu season.