FHS Newspaper Throwback


Michael Dunn, Publisher


News media changes into new formats over time, our school newspaper included. Flomaton High School has had several newspapers throughout the years. I recently had the chance to look over some of the school’s previous newspapers and see how they were made.

During the 80’s, the newspaper was called the Hurricane Herald. In the 1983-1984 school year, the art was drawn by a student and the stories were typed on a typewriter. The newspaper discussed various topics from sports to comedy writing.

The newspaper went by a different name between the early and late 90’s.

The Storm was started in 2011 and has changed over the years. The Storm now has an online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube where readers can communicate with us and stay informed on school events. Our newspaper has over 20 students that work on articles during Mrs. Hammond’s Multimedia Production class. Students learn valuable skills such as writing, public speaking, and creating presentations.

Even though our school has had several newspapers over the years, they all share the same purpose of engaging with the community and providing a source of information for current and future generations.

This is what The Storm’s website first looked like. March 2012.

You can view the 1980 and 1984 versions of the newspaper by clicking on the links below (PDF form):

Hurricane Herald December 1980

Hurricane Herald April 1984