Social Issue: Animal Cruelty


Emily Creamer and Savannah Blackburn


Animals every day are treated horribly for no reason at all. That is what i’m here to talk to you about today. Dogs and cats are thrown out on the street simply because no one wants to take care of them, no one can find a person who wants this animal, and many more reasons. Stray dogs or cats are abandoned, lost animals, and street animals. People abandon animals for many reasons. They may can’t afford to take care of the dog, or maybe the animal has a behavioural issue you never know. Whether or not the animal is bad to you or you can’t afford to take care of them, there is always another answer. Dropping an animal off on the side of the road is never the right thing to do.

Even in our near small towns we have these type of problems with stray animals. Brewton, Flomaton, Atmore, and many more are home to many of these animals. Dogs are the most common stray animal. They are abandoned mainly because of overpopulation, failure to spay and neuter your animals, and so many other reasons. You can go to a no kill shelter like Paws Crossed where they foster out animals so they are not on the streets.

Paws Crossed is an organization that helps stray animals. They mainly focus on dogs, but occasionally will help out a cat. They mainly got started because they saw that the area around in Brewton had a lot of stray dogs and was in need for a shelter type organization. They plan to get a building for this organization as an emergency shelter for stray animals, opening by the beginning of the year. This will be there adoption center, their main goal is to not turn any dogs away.

They believe that they are making a difference and over a 60 mile radius they have saved over 300 dogs in the last year. They want to educate people specifically on spaying and neutering their animals because that is how overpopulation comes about. Currently there are a few other organizations like Paws Crossed that they like to partner with like “Pit Stop” and “Boomerang” that foster and adopt out dogs. They have an online Facebook messenger that you can message 24/7 hours a day if you find a stray animals. They want to get people informed on the low cost spay and neutering options so you won’t have to take care of 8 or so puppies, which is never fun. There is many ways to support this organization. You can donate to their “five bucks Friday”. You can call 867-4355 to donate 5$ to them to help them pay for vet bills and other things of that sort.

They also have a program for students where you can get community service hours for school and clubs. There main goal is to help dogs and spread the word on spay and neutering animals and to somewhat get a grip on the overpopulation of animals. All you need to know is this is a good organization working for the right reasons to help the community grow and be better overall.