2018 Alabama Midterm Election

Michael Dunn, Publisher


The midterm elections are being held on Tuesday, November 6th 2018, all across the United States. Although we have no senators up for re-election, we have several house members up for election and several other government positions up for grabs in Alabama this year. Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, and many other positions will need to be filled.


There are currently four proposed amendments to the Alabama constitution:


Amendment 1 – Allowing the display of the 10 Commandments on state property.

Amendment 2 – Adds statement to the Alabama constitution that states that the right to abortion is not protected.


Amendment 3 – Relates to the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama with the following proposed actions: removes the State Superintendent of Education from membership and removes the requirement for members to vacate the board at the annual meeting after their 70th birthday.


Amendment 4 – Allows the state government to leave a seat vacant in the House of Representatives or the Senate until the next general election if it occurs in the third year of a quadrennium.


The governor’s race is between incumbent Republican Kay Ivey and Democratic candidate Walt Maddox.

Current Governor Kay Ivey plans to improve education in all parts of Alabama with several programs such as “Pre Through 3”, “CS for Alabama”, and “Advanced Training, Better Jobs.”

Candidate Walt Maddox wants a state lottery with funds that go to the education system with scholarships for Alabama students, funding for the state’s poorer schools, and the creation of Community Innovation Grants to assist schools.


[This article was updated to include the election results as follows.]

2018 Election Results:

Governor – (R) Kay Ivey*

Lieutenant Governor – (R) Will Ainsworth

Attorney General – (R) Steve Marshall*

Secretary of State – (R) John Merrill*

Auditor – (R) Jim Zeigler*

Treasurer – (R) John McMillan (Uncontested)

Agriculture Commissioner – (R) Rick Pate (Uncontested)


* Incumbent

2018 Alabama Amendment Results:

Amendment 1 – Yes (71.6%)

Amendment 2 – Yes (58.9%)

Amendment 3 – Yes (60.2%)

Amendment 4 – Yes (66.1%)