Bye Bye “Push To Start”

Mattie White


Fingerprints are used for many things such as cashing checks at the bank and unlocking cell phones, but applying them to starting your car might seem a bit far fetched. According to Godfrey Cheng this will be in use within the next two to four years and it will be “revolutionary”.

The reason for fingerprint start cars is the effortless ability for key fobs to be hacked. As of now the only way to assure that your fob is not hacked is to purchase a Faraday Cage; this item has been described as a sandwich bag made of foil instead of plastic. This will be possible by “scanning the driver’s fingerprint into a notebook and downloaded the biometric data into the SUV system”. The driver can then easily start the car by pressing a fingerprint sensor on the dashboard. The fingerprint will also program the cars to match music choices, your seat adjustment, navigation settings, and temperature selections. Cheng also says that they can add a ‘teenage mode’, meaning that restrictions can be put on the car such as, the horsepower.

Although this seems really cool and futuristic many worry about the privacy. So in the end if you want to start your car with your fingerprint you might have to make the decision of convenience over privacy.