Fortnite Fanatic

Jackson Steele

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Over the past year Fortnite has nearly brought in 1 billion dollars of revenue. This very addicting video game has the whole world in love. With the help of several famous and successful streamers such as Ninja, DaQuan, Dr. Lupo,  Myth and Tfue this game has went way beyond expected. Battle Royale is a game mode where there are 100 players and it is a solo battle until there is one winner.

The game separates itself from other video games because of the insane graphics and the awesome costumes that the characters get to wear. Fortnite is not a pay to win game, it is strictly pay to look cool and have awesome skins, axes, gliders, and dances. There is a storm during the game and you must stay within the circle, but if you are caught in the storm you better run because you will die from it. You search for weapons and collect resources while moving to the next circle. There are chests that spawn in certain locations each game and some have better weapons than others. Within some chest are shields that you can drink which give you some extra health, also there are bandages and a medkit to help with your health if someone shoots it off or you are caught in the storm.

If you win a game you better take a picture of it and post it on social media to show that you are good at the game and you have wins. All in all, Fortnite has revolutionized video games and will forever be remembered as one of the greatest games of all time.


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